Well.said is the company that connects seniors to Alexa for Healthy Independence and to their Loved Ones for Peace of Mind.  Our MyDay program supports healthier behaviors, connects seniors to loved ones and bridges the digital divide for a fuller and happier life.

Each day, participants use Alexa to engage in a simple, intuitive check-in.  This check-in provides them with important news and information, guides them through a few simple questions about their health, safety and well-being, supports any necessary follow-ups and then provides a reward for participation.

Better Every Day improves connection to the community, enhances daily life and supports independence.  It gives Loved Ones the peace of mind that their family member is doing well, increasing in independence and enjoying life.  Using Alexa bridges the digital divide for seniors, overcoming barriers associated with other technologies while enhancing their sense of connectedness and wellbeing.

The MyDay skill is available on Alexa for adults living at home or in independent living settings.  For more information on Well.Said's solutions, please visit our Contact page or  click here.

For more information on MyDay for Seniors, please visit myday.wellsaid.cloud